Online Privacy: Thursday, April 7

In an age where much of our lives are spent online, where we share increasing amounts of personal information with software providers in exchange for services, it’s starting to feel like our privacy is being eradicated. Whether we’re concerned about the influence and access of huge online corporations like Google and Facebook, government surveillance from the NSA and FBI, or how much of our information is discoverable by hackers who might seek to exploit us, it’s clear that our online privacy is being compromised. The good news is that there are technology tools to help us fight back!

Join us on Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 PM in the Sohier Room where Alison Macrina, librarian, privacy rights activist, and founder of the Library Freedom Project, will present an online privacy toolkit that offers some basic solutions to help subvert digital spying. These tools address things like search tracking, encryption, password protection, secure deletion of temporary files, secure browsing, and online anonymity.

Free; no registration required. Handicapped accessible. For more information please call 978-921-6062 or email

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