We’re Fine Free!

Effective February 1, 2020 the Beverly Public Library will eliminate overdue fines for materials borrowed at the main library, Farms branch, and the Bookmobile, and waive any previous overdue fines. The library will continue to issue due date reminders as well as overdue notifications and borrowers still need to return their books in a timely manner. Borrowing privileges will be suspended if an item is not returned within 6 weeks after the due date. The library will still charge for lost or damaged materials.

Why get rid of overdue fines?

  • The elimination of overdue fines is a growing trend among many libraries in the United States, including many local libraries such as Danvers, Hamilton-Wenham, Andover, Reading, Wakefield, and Newburyport. Both large and small libraries recognize that eliminating fines removes barriers to access for everyone in the community.
  • Libraries see an increase in usage when fines are eliminated. That’s what we want, more people using the library!
  • The Beverly Public Library is committed to equal access, overdue fines disproportionately affect low income families and those on fixed incomes. Eliminating overdue fines will remove economic barriers and promote equal access. 
  • There is no evidence that fines result in more timely returns. Research shows that when fines are eliminated, library circulation and return rates increase.
  • Beverly patrons check out thousands of eBooks and digital audiobooks per year. There are no fines for digital materials, which creates inequality between those who borrow physical materials and those who borrow digital materials. 


When does fine free begin?
Saturday, February 1, 2020.

Will overdue fines be waived on ALL materials?

How does the library get people to return borrowed materials without charging fines?
We will continue to issue due date reminders as well as overdue notifications. Borrowers still need to return their items in a timely manner. If an item is not returned within 6 weeks after the due date, borrowing privileges will be suspended. The library will still charge for lost or damaged materials.

I don’t mind paying fines, how can I help the library?
We encourage donations to the Friends of the Beverly Public Library.

Will I be charged overdue fines for items owned by other NOBLE libraries?
Materials that are checked out and returned to the Beverly Public Library, Farms branch, and Bookmobile will not accrue fines, regardless of where the material came from within NOBLE.

Yoga at the Library

Yoga at the Library

Sundays, February 2, March 1 and 29, and May 3 from 3:30-4:30 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Join registered yoga teacher Kelly Rusch as she takes us through a Vinyasa yoga class at the library. Please bring a yoga mat or towel.

Questions? Contact Katie at knelson@noblenet.org. Sponsored by the Friends of the Beverly Public Library.

March 11: Let’s Talk Books

Wednesday, March 11 at 7 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Did you just read a book that you love? Are you looking for your next great read? Let’s talk about books! Come have some snacks, share what you have read and get suggestions for what to read next. Sponsored by the Friends of the Beverly Public Library. Questions? Contact Katie at knelson@noblenet.org.

March 12: Reducing Anxiety Through Meditation

Thursday, March 12 at 7 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Life in today’s world is stressful. People are anxious about their health, their finances, their relationships, their safety and their work. Doctors and medical practitioners are promoting the benefits of meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. By sitting in meditation, we can calm the body and the mind. We can slow our brain waves to states of relaxation. When we are in a state of physical and mental calmness. We can make better decisions. Once we connect to a place of happiness and peace within us, we experience a reduction in our anxiety. Through meditation we can cope with the stresses of life. Meditation helps us replace anxiety with joy and peace. Join Eileen Carlotto, long time meditator for this informative lecture. There will even be a short meditation sitting.

Eileen Carlotto
Eileen Carlotto is a middle-school art teacher, author, and illustrator. With 35 years meditation experience to draw on, Eileen offers workshops on various aspects of meditation and spirituality. Eileen has studied under a world renowned meditation teacher and been to India many times to deepen her practice and share this technique with others. Eileen demonstrates how, in the middle of a jam-packed, daily schedule, you can integrate your meditation practice into your own busy life.

Questions? Contact Katie at 978-921-6062, ext. 2122 or knelson@noblenet.org.

New! Adult Handicraft Group

handicraft projects

Adult Handicraft Group
Sohier Room, Main Library

Crafters, please join us for our drop-in handicraft group! Adult handicraft group meets the second Saturday of each month. Open to all who enjoy handwork or fiber arts. Bring your project, meet other crafters, and share ideas. No instruction provided. Ages 16+ welcome. Questions? Contact Ona at ridenour@noblenet.org.

Upcoming groups, Saturdays from 1 – 3:30 PM
March 14
April 11 – meets in Fogg Room
May 9
June 13

March 19: Special Cookbook Club

Thursday, March 19 from 6 – 8 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Registration required

Join us for a special Cookbook Club. We are taking a culinary tour of South Korea. Browse one of our cookbooks or find a delicious delicacy to cook and share.  

There is no mystery ingredient for this program, let’s explore Korea together. Share your dish at the library on March 19.

Questions? Please contact Katie at knelson@noblenet.org  or 978-621-6062, ext. 2122. Sponsored by the Friends of the Beverly Public Library.

What is cookbook club?
Cookbook Club is a chance to meet some new people, try some good food, and experiment with cooking.

Special Cookbook Club Guidelines

Please cook, bake, or make something Korean inspired and bring it to Cookbook Club on March 19 at 6 PM. Please bring serving utensils and a single copy of your recipe including all of the ingredients you used. We will collect the recipes and share them with the group via email after the program. Food should be brought ready to eat. Please make enough to share with the group but remember that people will only be trying a taste, or two, of each dish! In the interest of the environment, if you would like to bring reusable plates, bowls, and cutlery, please feel free. No pressure, though. The library will have paper products available. If you would like to swap leftovers, you are welcome to bring a food storage container as well.

We can’t wait to see what you make!

March 20: The Host

Beverly Film Society Presents: The Host
Friday, March 20 from 1 – 3 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Come out and attach yourself to a free screening of The Host, the terrifically entertaining monster movie that earned Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho his early reputation as South Korea’s Steven Spielberg!

Free and open to adults. Free popcorn! Sponsored by the Friends of the Beverly Public Library. Questions? Contact Matthew at martens@noblenet.org.