Wireless Printing Portal

Follow the instructions below to wirelessly print from home or in the library
All printing is single-sided. Black & White is 15¢ per page. Color is .75¢ per page. (cash only)
All print jobs are cleared from the Print Release Station after 24 hours.

Printable Wireless Printing Instructions (PDF)

Wireless Printing Options

  • Upload a Document from a Computer, Chromebook, or Laptop
    1. Open the Wireless Printing Portal
    2. Printer: Select Black and White or Color printer
    3. User Info: Enter your email address
    4. Select Document:

    • If printing a document from your computer or laptop: click Browse and locate the file to print
    • If printing from a website: copy and paste the website’s URL into the text box

    5. Click the Next (arrow) button
    6. Approve your print job by clicking the green printer icon. This will send your print job to the Print Release Station

  • Send as Email Attachment from your device (Computers, Chromebooks, Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones)
    1. Login to your email account and send / forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to either of two printers:

    NOTE: The attachment and body of the email will be sent as two separate jobs to the Print Release Station. You may choose to print only the attachment when you retrieve your print job.
    2. You will receive a confirmation email when your print job is available to print from the Print Release Station
    3. Use your email address to retrieve your print job at the Print Release Station

  • PrinterOn App for Tablets and Smartphones
    1. Install the free PrinterOn app from Google Play or the Apple Store and install
    2. In the app, tap Select a Printer
    3. Search for Beverly Public Library to see available printers
    4. Follow the prompts on the screen to print from the app. For more information about printing from the PrinterOn app visit: www.printeron.com/printing-apps.html

To Pick Up Your Print Job

1. At the Print Release Station (on the second floor), click Release Print button
2. Enter your email address in the lower box (the section for print jobs sent from mobile devices)
3. Follow directions posted at the Print Release Station