For Teachers

Assignment Alerts

Educators are encouraged to send information about upcoming assignments to the library by using our Assignment Alert Form. The more notice we have, the better we are able to serve you and your students. When notified, we make sure we have materials on hand for upcoming projects and Children’s librarians know to anticipate related questions. We can also arrange special displays of books in the library to support your assignments on various topics and themes.

Classroom Visits

The library welcomes class visits for students of all ages. Library staff can give tours of the library and orientation in the use of library resources. In order to ensure enough staffing coverage, at least two weeks notice must be given prior to a class visit. Please contact us with the requested date and time at or call 978-921-6062.

Librarians are available on a limited basis for outreach visits to classrooms to give library orientations and book talks. Again, ample notice in advance is needed – at least two weeks.

Additionally, the Bookmobile will often stop at schools – please contact Katie Marsh at 978-921-6062, ext. 2115 to make arrangements.

Programs for Children

The library provides a variety of programming for children including story times and after school programming such as: What’s the Big Idea: Math and Science Story Time for 4-6 year olds, a Science Squad for students in grades 1-5, LEGO Club for PreK-Grade 5, and a Graphic Novel Book Club for grades 3-6.

Renew and Request Materials from Home or School

It is possible to renew and request materials using your library card number and a password. Passwords are available only at the Children’s circulation desk. If you lost yours or never had one, just stop in the library any time we are open to get one. Library cards and passwords can also be issued to students during class visits and when the Children’s librarian makes special trips to local schools.

Research Assistance

The library subscribes to many online databases which provide access to contemporary and historical magazines, journals and newspapers. The children’s databases and most of the adult databases along with the library’s catalog, can be accessed remotely through the library’s website. Remote access to some databases requires a library card number for use as a password.

The Children’s Room offers reference assistance and there is also the adult Reference Desk, which is located on the second floor of the library, and is always staffed by professional librarians who can help you and your students.

Summer Reading

The branch, Children’s, and Young Adult librarians work in tandem with Beverly Public Schools to create the annual lists of summer reading titles for the Beverly Public Schools. The library provides limited copies of the mandatory general summer reading list books. All required reading lists are posted on our website.

Teacher Cards

Teachers may apply for “school” library cards, if they wish to have a separate personal and school library account. Each teacher may have their own school card. While these cards are under the school name, teachers are ultimately responsible for the items borrowed on the card.