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  • FunBrain: great interactive games for children ages eight and up, involving math, spelling and reading.
  • GeoNetGame: for grades 4 and up. Games on geography in 6 different subject areas.
  • PAW Patrol: games, coloring sheets and more relating to PAW Patrol.
  • PlayKidsGames: math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents.
  • PBSKids: visit your favorite PBS shows (Arthur, Between the Lions, Sagwa).
  • Sesame Street: activities featuring Sesame Street characters. Play games with Prairie Dawn, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster.
  • Seussville: everything Seuss.
  • children learn about and create secret messages and secret codes.
  • UpToTen: 600 games and educational activities for kids up to age 10.

Fun Facts

  • Animal Fact Guide: has fact sheets on 44 wild animals from around the world. Each fact sheet includes pictures and links to more information. There are also some downloadable coloring and activity sheets.
  • ARKive: has fact sheets on a variety of wild animals, plants, and other organisms. There are a number of pictures and videos of each of the featured organisms. There’s also information about habitats and conservation and related games and downloadable activity sheets.
  • Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids: basic information on how our government operates for kids in grades K-12.
  • Biography: has a searchable online database containing 15,000 international names, past and present.
  • Building Big: explore construction with interactive labs and challenges.
  • CountryReports: concise, readable, current guide to basic country information.
  • Hooda Math: has math flash games for grades K to high school, including arithmatic skills review, logic, geometry, and puzzles.
  • NASA Kids: sections include space and beyond, rockets and airplanes, and the earth.
  • Math is Fun: has review and interactive activities of math concepts from basic numeracy through algebra. Also includes printable worksheets and an illustrated math dictionary.
  • National Geographic Kids: great info for kids about the world, its people, and its wildlife.
  • San Francisco Symphony Kids: listen, learn, and compose with the San Francisco Symphony.
  • The Imagination Factory: offers art activities using recycled materials.

Movies, Music & TV

  • Cartoon Network: Cartoon Network’s shows, schedules and activities.
  • Crafts for Kids: craft projects for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children.
  • Disney Online: for the young child interested in Disney movies and television programming. Includes Bear in he Big Blue House, Stanley, Rolie Polie Olie and more.
  • download music in MP3 format.
  • Nickelodeon: the official Nickelodeon website with info and activities for all you favorite shows and movies.
  • Nick Jr.: Nick Jr.’s TV schedule, pages to print, games and crafts, including Dora the Explorer.
  • PBSKids: visit your favorite PBS shows (Arthur, Between the Lions, etc.). Games, activities, printables.

Preschool Fun

  • Between the Lions: this early literacy site, for children ages 4-7, is a tie-in for the award-winning television program.
  • Dora the Explorer: Dora the Explorer is featured in these games, coloring sheets, printable activities and more.
  • Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes: nursery rhymes with rebus pictures and printable coloring sheets.
  • PlayKidsGames: math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents.


  • MLB’s Kids’ Dugout: Online games, tips on improving your game, baseball trivia, and a page dedicated to your team.
  • Major League Soccer: The official site of Major League Soccer includes statistics and information about teams. An excellent section of information for coaches that raises issues of behavior and skills development.
  • NBA: The official site for all National Basketball Association (NBA) teams contains information on games and players.
  • NFL: Official site of the NFL provides the latest news and statistics.
  • NHL: Official site of the National Hockey League has statistics and information on players and games.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids: Everything sports!