Find Your Neighborhood in “Our Stomping Ground”

Come see if you can locate your neighborhood in “Our Stomping Ground,” a vibrant wood mural by Beverly resident Brian Murphy currently on display at the main library. The piece was previously on display on Cabot Street as part of Beverly Main Street’s Red Fence Art Gallery, and is a representation of all of Beverly’s unique neighborhoods.

An artist and graphic designer, Murphy envisioned a piece that “spoke” about Beverly. He was inspired to create the piece after riding his bike through the city. His clever design allows all neighborhoods to be included. Murphy wanted to make a dimensional piece for the Red Fence because previous artworks were painted. He explains, “…I came across various buildings, icons, and images that I thought would work well…By creating dimension, the piece brought in shadows, light and…changes throughout the day. Much like Beverly day in and day out.” The piece is constructed from discarded oak skids.

“Our Stomping Ground” is installed on the main library’s second floor between the Circulation and Reference desks. Need a hint to where your neighborhood is represented? A guide is available on a desk under the mural, and at the Reference desk.