August 23: Prometheus, August 23 at 1 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Ridley Scott revived his beloved space-monster franchise, Alien, with Prometheus, a film set in the deepest, coldest cosmic wastes. Michael Fassbender anchors (or is that undermines?) a crew of men and machines as it seeks the origins of humanity—and maybe hastens its end.

Free and open to adults, with free popcorn! Thanks to the Friends of the Beverly Public Library for sponsoring this program. Questions? Contact Matthew at

September 5: Cookbook Club

Thursday, September 5 from 6-8 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library
Registration required

What is Cookbook Club?
Cookbook Club is a chance to meet some new people, try some good food, and experiment with cooking.

How does it work?
Sign up to attend the program.
Pick up the mystery ingredients at the Reference Desk.
Cook something to share with the mystery ingredient.
Bring your dish to the group discussion on September 5.

Registration is required to pick up the mystery ingredient. One mystery ingredient per household. Registration opens August 5.

Handicapped accessible. Questions? Please contact Katie at or 978-621-6062, ext. 2122. Sponsored by the Friends of the Beverly Public Library.

Sewing Made Simple

Saturdays, August 3 & 10 | Barnet Gallery
Saturdays, August 17 & 24 | Sohier Room
9:30-10:30 AM

Registration required

Join us for some fabric fun! This four week session will start with hand sewing and take us to machine basics. Dust off that sewing machine and let’s get to work!

Week one will involve sewing buttons, repairing loose hems, and seam splits. We’ll also cut out part of week two’s sewing project.
Week two – It’s time to bring in the machine! We’ll review basic machine mechanics, threading and bobbin winding, and begin sewing!
Week three and four, we’ll sew some projects!

You’ll need to bring a hand sewing needle and good fabric shears for week one. The following weeks, bring your machine, thread, shears and necessary fabric. Make sure you have all the parts for your sewing machine!

Lessons will be cumulative and registration is required. Please register online, at the Reference Desk or by calling 978-921-6062. For adults 18+.

Questions? Contact Deb at

August 5: Cheese Tasting

Monday, August 5 from 6-8 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

If the Moon is made out of green cheese, then we better taste some! In honor of the summer reading theme, “A Universe of Stories,” we have embraced the rumors about the Moon! Learn about cheese pairings from Emmy Frye, Banquet Chef at the Hawthorne Hotel, and try some delicious cheese. Registration required.

Questions? Contact Katie at

July 19: Arrival

Friday, July 19 at 1 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Amy Adams is an intergalactic linguist with a tricky job to do in 2016’s dazzling mind-bender, Arrival. Extraterrestrial life is paying us a visit, and seems to have something important to say…but how to crack the code?

Free and open to adults, with free popcorn! Thanks to the Friends of the Beverly Public Library for sponsoring this program. Questions? Contact Matthew at

July 2: Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord! Exploring Alternatives to Cable TV
Tuesday, July 2 at 7 PM
Sohier Room, Main Library

Ready to stop spending gobs of money on a cable bundle packed with channels you never watch? Curious about the Internet-based alternatives you’ve heard about, like Sling, Hulu or DirecTV Now? Join us to explore some of the ways you can quit cable, keep the channels you care about, gain access to on-demand content, and even retain your DVR capabilities.
Questions? Contact Matthew at