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You will need a library card to use the sites with an *.


  • Life Photo Archive
    Search millions of historic photos on this archive of Life Magazine’s pictures. Hosted by Google.


  • Biography in Context*
    Contains full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals. Search for people based on one or more personal facts such as birth and death year, nationality, ethnicity, occupation or gender, or combine criteria to create a highly-targeted custom search. With the Complete Marquis Who’s Who(R), find quick reference information on an additional 900,000 people.

Books & Literature

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Bartleby
    Visit the Elements of Style online, the writer’s classic reference book.
  • Britannica
    Comprehensive encyclopedia with dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and more.
  • Factmonster
    Factmonster is the place to check if you need to know.
  • Information Please
    The Information Please Almanac, an almanac of facts and figures.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary online.
  • Onelook
    Onelook allows you to look up words in 118 electronic dictionaries all at once!
  • Rhymezone
    Use Rhymezone to find rhyming words, synonyms, definitions, and more.
  • Roget’s Thesaurus
    Roget’s Thesaurus online.

General Resources

  • EBSCOhost *
    Access to EBSCOhost databases. A great starting place for a research project.
  • Infotrac Student Edition *
    Research current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more for students in middle & high school.
  • InfoTrac General OneFile *
    A one-stop source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics.
  • MasterFILE Premier *
    Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides full text for nearly 1,750 general reference publications with full text information dating as far back as 1975.
  • Middle Search Plus *
    Provides full text for magazines covering general topics appropriate for middle and jr. high school.

Government & History

  • Ancient History Sourcebook
    Lists lots of information about ancient cultures, including a large collection of links to other sites.
  • Eyewitness to History
    Eyewitness to History brings history to life through the eyes of those who lived it. The eyewitness accounts include audio clips.
  • From Revolution to Reconstruction
    From Revolution to Reconstruction is a site where you’ll find information on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times.
  • History Reference Center *
    Offers full text from reference books, encyclopedias, nonfiction books, and leading history periodicals, more than 61,100 historical documents, biographies of historical figures, historical photos, maps and video.
  • Life Photo Archive
    Search millions of historic photos on this archive of Life Magazine’s pictures. Hosted by Google.
  • National Geographic Homework
    National Geographic Kids has an entire homework help site.
  • US Courts
    Learn about US courts.
  • US History in Context
    Academic articles, videos, primary documents, and more on topics in U.S. history
  • Mass.gov
    Visit the Massachusetts Government web site.
  • White House
    Visit the White House.
  • World History in Context
    Academic articles, videos, case studies, and more on topics in world history



Math & Computers

  • Khan Academy
    K-12 subjects in math, biology, chemistry, physics, American civics and more with an extensive video library of over 4200 videos. Contains interactive challenges, assessments, and a community question pool for most subjects.

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News & Weather

Science & Nature

Science Fair Projects

Social Studies


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