Summer Reading for Beverly Middle & High Schools

There are two kinds of Summer Reading for teens in Beverly: the public library’s program that rewards teens for reading and participating in summer activities with prizes and includes a variety of fun events, and the summer reading requirement for schools, including Beverly Middle School and Beverly High School. On this page, you will find books lists and summer reading requirements for students entering grades 5-12, but please visit your student’s respective websites for all of the details!

Beverly Middle School

5th Grade

Students entering grade 5 at BMS are to:

  • Read at least one book from the Grade 5 & 6 list (from the Mass. Children’s Book Award)
  • Keep track of the title(s) of any books you read and a few things you liked about it. Your teachers will have activities for you in September relating to your summer reading.
  • Read a graphic novel of your own choice!

6th Grade

Students entering grade 6 at BMS are to:

  • Read at least one book from the Grade 5 & 6 list (from the Mass. Children’s Book Award)
  • Do a response piece – details available here. Your ELA teacher will have directions about turning it in in early September. It will count toward your T1 grade.
  • Read a graphic novel of your own choice!

For Students Entering Grades 5-6 (Mass Children’s Book Award)

Arlo Finch in the valley of fire by August, John
Prairie lotus by Park, Linda Sue
P.S. I miss you by Petro-Roy, Jen
Cece Rios and the desert of souls by Rivera, Kaela
Ancestor approved : intertribal stories for kids by
The list of things that will not change by Stead, Rebecca
Roll with it by Sumner, Jamie
The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez by Cuevas, Adrianna
The dragon egg princess by Oh, Ellen.
Simon B. Rhymin
Black brother, black brother by Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Marley Dias gets it done : and so can you! by Dias, Marley
Alone by Freeman, Megan E.
Amari and the night brothers by Alston, B. B.
Plagues and pandemics by Messner, Kate
Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero by Baptist, Kelly J.
Too Bright to See by Lukoff, Kyle
A wolf called Wander by Parry, Rosanne
Float by Martin, Laura.
Lemons by Savage, Melissa
The Blackbird girls by Blankman, Anne

Printable MCBA list

7th and 8th Grade

Here’s what you need to know about summer reading!

While these are minimum expectations, we definitely hope you will read much more all summer long!

For Students Entering Grades 7-8

The only black girls in town by Colbert, Brandy
What Lives in the Woods by Currie, Lindsay
Spirit hunters by Oh, Ellen
Nowhere boy by Marsh, Katherine
Show Me a Sign (Scholastic Gold) by Lezotte, Ann Clare
To Stay Alive: Mary Ann Graves and the Tragic Journey of the Donner Party by Brown, Skila
Bear Boy: The True Story of a Boy, Two Bears, and the Fight to Be Free by Barker, Justin
The Disaster Days by Behrens, Rebecca
While I was away by Brown, Waka T.
City of the Plague God by Chadda, Sarwat
What lives in the woods by Currie, Lindsay
How to change everything : the young human
The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. (as Told to His Brother) by Levithan, David
What lane? by Maldonado, Torrey
Millionaires for the Month by McAnulty, Stacy
Free lunch by Ogle, Rex
Summer of Brave by Parks, Amy Noelle
The Million Dollar Race (Reprint) by Smith, Matthew Ross
Treasure of the World by Sullivan, Tara
Most Likely by Watson, Sarah

Printable book list

Beverly High School

Your assignment is to read a book this summer that you have not read before and show evidence that you read and thought about it. The summer reading list is a group of books that have been selected and are available at the Beverly Public Library, but you are not confined to this list. Feel free to read anything that sparks your interest.

After reading the book you need to show you have read it. You can create a project in response to the book. There are many different options for this. The more creative the better! You can explore the summer reading website, or come up with your own. You can also attend one of the Beverly Public Library reading groups or take part in their summer reading program for credit. 

For Students Entering Grades 9-12

How to break up with your phone by Price, Catherine
Bad girls never say die by Mathieu, Jennifer.
Sugar Town queens by Nunn, Malla
Find your fierce : how to put social anxiety in its place by Sperling, Jacqueline.
This moment is your life (and so is this one) : a fun and easy guide to mindfulness, meditation, and yoga by Gates, Mariam
A place to hang the moon by Albus, Kate
Off the Record by Garrett, Camryn
Sapiens : a graphic history : the birth of humankind.  Volume one by Harari, Yuval N.
You Have a Match by Lord, Emma
Games of Deception: The True Story of the First U.S. Olympic Basketball Team at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler
The how-to cookbook for teens : 100 easy recipes to learn the basics by Morrison, Julee
True or false : a CIA analyst
The portable Dorothy Parker by Parker, Dorothy
Charming as a Verb by Philippe, Ben
Kicks : the great American story of sneakers by Smith, Nicholas
This book is anti-racist by Jewell, Tiffany

Printable book list

The Massachusetts Teen Choice Book Award nominees are also available at the library and if you choose one (or more) of them, voting (via the BHS summer reading form) will count as your summer reading project. 

Snapdragon by Leyh, Kat
The inheritance games by Barnes, Jennifer
This poison heart by Bayron, Kalynn
In the wild light by Zentner, Jeff
Punching the Air by Zoboi, Ibi
Fallout : spies, superbombs, and the ultimate Cold War showdown by Sheinkin, Steve
Not My Problem by Smyth, Ciara
Clap when you land by Acevedo, Elizabeth
We Are Not Free by Chee, Traci
Flamer by Curato, Mike
Legendborn (Reprint) by Deonn, Tracy
Not So Pure and Simple by Giles, Lamar
You should see me in a crown by Johnson, Leah  (Young adult author)
Nubia.  Real one by McKinney, L. L.
Heartstopper.   Volume 1 by Oseman, Alice
Stamped : racism, antiracism, and you by Reynolds, Jason
The girls I
Cemetery boys by Thomas, Aiden
The magic fish by Trung, Le Nguyen

Printable MTCBA list