About the TAB

Founded in November of 2012, the library’s TAB officially stands for Teen Advisory Board (and unofficially stands for Totally Awesome Book-lovers). The board is made up of teenagers in middle and high school who have a desire to help their community and a love for the library. The TAB meets with the Teen Librarian monthly to help plan programs, select books, and make other suggestions for how the library can improve its services to teens to fulfill their needs and interests.

We are currently looking for new TAB members. Interested in joining? Submit an application.


The TAB’s bylaws (rules that govern and guide the group) are available online here.

Officers and Board Members (2021-2022)

President: Kailey Quintino
Vice president: Ashton Harville-Fry
Secretary: Payton Andrews
Treasurer: Logan Rushing
Display Coordinator: Bridget Booth
Anime Coordinator:
Annika Barrett
Logan Candelora
Ella Checksfield
Gianna Ferace
Norah Jewett
Althea Pisani-Gross
Clea Shumria

TAB Alumni

Cameron Abell
Malia Cole
Laura Conner
Maria Connor
Heidi Eberhardt
Eli Eberhardt
Ada Fernandez
Emma Jackimowicz
Shannon Leftridge
Deirdre Maciak
Sydney Maciak
Eliza Michaels

Siyana Minkova
Nola Minogue
Solenn Minogue
James McIntosh
Thien-Kim N Nguyen
Libby Panico
Lilly Povey
Renee Pelletier
Amanda Rosenberg
Emily Rosenberg
Jackie Swanick

Some Major Accomplishments Since 2012

  • Selected over 100 new books for the YA collection by reading professional reviews
  • Helped plan summer reading events for four consecutive summers
  • Recruited new members to build a dedicated board
  • Chose fabric and created a plan for new pillows for the YA area
  • Voted to add a comfortable arm chair to the YA area
  • Increased social media presence of TAB by creating a Tumblr
  • Assisted with planning and executing a “stuffed animal sleepover” for children
  • Created beautiful new displays in the YA area on a monthly basis
  • Assisted with an interactive movie experience for teens
  • Recorded and shared all minutes via Google Docs and used Skype to connect with members that couldn’t attend in person
  • Created videos to promote summer reading for the CSLP Teen Video Challenge (2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Ran a toiletries collection drive for Waltham House, which raised 87 individual items weighing 34 pounds
  • Attended the Boston Book Festival in 2014
  • Participated in the BFYA Teen Feedback Session at the American Library Association’s 2016 Midwinter Conference
  • Ongoing: Scoop ice cream and register kids for Beverly Library’s Annual Summer Reading Sign Up Night

Contact Katie at with any questions.