Monday Mornings

Cup of CoffeeMonday Mornings is a free lecture series for senior adults that runs weekly in the spring and fall months at the main library. Programs take place weekly from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the Sohier Room. Light refreshments are available starting at 9 a.m. Signup not required. Series content is designed for seniors, but all adults are welcome to attend. If you’d like to be added to the Monday Mornings email list, please contact the program director at Thanks to the Friends of the Beverly Public Library for sponsoring this series.

Upcoming programs:

March 20
Journey to Iran with Dr. Stephen Young
Join Professor Young for a discussion of the geography, culture and environment of Iran. In the summer of 2015, Dr. Young traveled to Iran to install an art exhibit related to his work in the Geography Department at Salem State University. He is currently working on an American-Iranian climate change study focusing on Iran and greater West Asia. Professor Young will share his pictures, stories and research.

March 27
Animation and the American Imagination with Dr. Gordon Arnold
In the Roaring ’20s, the enormous popularity of Felix the Cat – animation’s first “superstar” – signaled that animated cartoons had become a major part of the movie business and American popular culture. In a talk based on his new book, Dr. Arnold traces the development and cultural impact of animated cartoons in America from the 1920s through World War II. It was an era during which many of the most memorable cartoon characters, including Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, and Popeye, became a familiar part of American life, even as the nation descended into the Great Depression and then global war. See how animated cartoons closely tracked the changing society through critical years of American history.

April 3
Spring Book Sale – NO PROGRAM

April 10
Under Threat: Essex County’s Spectacular ‘Great Marsh’ with Doug Stewart
Essex County’s spectacular Great Marsh, stretching from Cape Ann to New Hampshire, is a biological engine whose nutrients sustain fish stocks and bird life. The marsh also protects shore towns from flooding and storm surges. Yet it’s now under threat. Ipswich writer Doug Stewart will discuss how this vast salt marsh dodged the swamp-filling mania of the 20th century, and why its future is now in question as sea levels rise.

April 17
Patriots Day – NO PROGRAM

April 24
The Magic of Color: Choosing Home Colors with Confidence with Linda Varone
Paint colors give you the biggest bang for your decorating buck. But with over 16,000 colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming! Before you open your wallet or grab a paint brush, learn about the following from design consultant Linda Varone: fool-proof color selection; finding your color scheme; why you should never pick your paint color in the hardware store; how color can affect the mood of a space; and, latest advances in paint technology. This presentation is filled with practical suggestions and real-life examples, and generously illustrated with photo slides.

May 1
Beverly Harbor During the Revolution with Fred Hammond and Frank Marcos
How active was the town of Beverly during the American Revolution? Why was Beverly the only fortified harbor north of Boston? Why was it chosen to be the birthplace of Washington’s Fleet? Join local historian, author, and retired teacher Fred Hammond, along with Frank Marcos, for an illustrated exploration of these questions. Fred Hammond is the author of Reflections of 20th-Century Beverly.

May 8
The Art of Grandma Moses with Meg Dall
Anna Mary Robertson Moses – better known as “Grandma Moses” – was praised by President Harry Truman, had correspondence with Sir Winston Churchill, and was memorialized by President Kennedy. She was loved by the American people as a true original. A self-taught artist who worked with whatever materials were at hand, her life stories were her compositions, depicting a nostalgic glimpse into daily life in rural New York and Virginia. In this illustrated presentation, art educator Meg Dall will explore this artist’s life through a series of her most popular paintings.

May 15
The “House Whisperer”: Dating Early Homes in Essex County and Beverly with John Cole
Haverhill resident John Cole, also known as the “Old House Whisperer,” was formerly a property manager for Historic New England and worked extensively with acclaimed American architectural historian, Abbott Lowell Cummings.  In this illustrated presentation, John will point out the telltale “sign posts” in discovering the true age of early houses in Essex County and Beverly, as seen from the exterior. He will also reveal where most original rare elements of these dwellings actually reside. Some interior pictures of the Henry Wayland Peabody estate in Beverly Cove will also be included.

May 22
Ancient Astronomy: Cape Ann’s Native American Solar Observatory with Mary Ellen Lepionka
Mary Ellen Lepionka’s interest in Native Americans on Cape Ann was sparked by Samuel de Champlain’s 1613 map of “Le beau port” (Gloucester) showing a wigwam on her street. Lepionka has determined that Native Americans living on Cape Ann before and during European contact used the area of Gloucester known as Poles Hill, as a solar observatory, ceremonial landscape, and gateway to the spirit world. At this illustrated presentation, learn more about Poles Hill and the ancient people who made and used the site.