Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings is a free program series for senior adults that runs weekly in the spring and fall months at the main library. Programs take place from 9:30-10:30 AM in the Sohier Room. Series content is designed for seniors, but all adults are welcome to attend. Light refreshments are available starting at 9 AM Please note: While signup is not required, space is limited. At any given program, attendance may need to be capped to ensure a safe and enjoyable program for all.

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Upcoming programs:

March 25: Salem Sketches with Filmmakers Perry Hallinan and Joe Cultrera
Each year a collection of Salem Sketches are screened before each film at the Salem Film Fest. These Sketches are mini documentaries that showcase portraits of the local scene. Topics include monarch butterfly gardens, equine rescue networks, cemetery public workers, the popcorn lady, Bakers Island Lighthouse, the local cobbler, a tour of the local wastewater treatment center and so much more. Behind every shop window, behind every curtain is another story. Begun in 2013 by local filmmakers Joe Cultrera and Perry Hallinan, Sketches has developed into an annual effort by multiple filmmakers. Joe and Perry will be on hand for a show and tell of past Salem Sketches and will talk about this year’s Film Fest line up.

April 1: A Daring Voyage Across the Atlantic by the Brothers Andrews with Karl Hering
This lecture tells the long forgotten story of the Andrews Brothers of Beverly who sailed their 19 foot dory boat from Beverly to Paris during the summer of 1878. Hear how they coped with storms, sea monsters and sickness and still set a record for crossing in the smallest boat and the fastest time. Also contains anecdotes and descriptions of Beverly in the 1870’s, illustrations, and a scale model of the boat to view.

April 8: Spring Book Sale—NO PROGRAM

April 15: Patriots Day—NO PROGRAM

April 22: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sculpture: A BevSculpts Presentation with William Bloomfield, PhD, President, New England Sculptors Association
Most people have only seen sculpture on a pedestal or behind a barrier in a museum, at a public park/building, a gallery or church. But sculpture can be anywhere and it can be done by anyone, young and old. Join Bill Bloomfield for a visual tour of sculpture around the world (and in Beverly) and, maybe even, if time allows, have some fun making aluminum foil sculptures! Bill will also discuss New England Sculptors Association’s (NESA) upcoming exhibits, and talk about BevSculpts; NESA’s ongoing partnership with Beverly Main Streets.

April 29: Journey to Central Asia with Professor Stephen Young, Salem State University
The “stans” of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are unfamiliar countries to most Americans, yet our country is deeply involved in this region. Sit back and travel with geography professor Dr. Stephen Young as he describes the physical and human dimensions of Central Asia, a region in dramatic transition, with special attention to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan where Dr. Young traveled last year.

May 6: When the Irish Invaded Canada: It’s No Blarney with author Christopher Klein
Just over a year after Robert E. Lee relinquished his sword, a band of Union and Confederate veterans dusted off their guns. These former foes, however, had no intention of reigniting the Civil War. Instead, they fought side by side to undertake one of the most fantastical missions in military history: to seize the British province of Canada and hold it hostage until the independence of Ireland was secured. Author Christopher Klein tells the outlandish, little-known story of the self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army that carried out five attacks on Canada—known collectively as the Fenian Raids—between 1866 and 1871. With the tacit support of the U.S. government, this motley group—including a one-armed war hero, an English spy infiltrating rebel forces, and a radical who staged his own funeral—managed to seize a piece of America’s northern neighbor, if only for a matter of days.

May 13: Waging Peace in Pakistan with Rachel Williams and Iain Goddard
“You’re going to Pakistan! Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t they hate us Americans?” Hear the stories of fabulous people and hospitality on a recent Rotary International trip to see a girls’ college in northern Pakistan. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in on little corner of the earth all in one’s lifetime.” Mark Twain

May 20: A Bucket List Trip to the Northern Plains with Marj Stark
From Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo to the melting glaciers in Glacier National Park to Mt. Rushmore, join Marj as she takes you along on her road trip through the Northern Plains. Highlights of the trip include bison and the high mountain passes of Yellowstone National Park, downtown Chicago, the Dakotas, Illinois Amish Country, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Come along for the ride.

May 27: Memorial Day—NO PROGRAM

June 3: Songs from the Mountains with Judy Cook
Judy weaves together songs and ballads collected in southern Appalachian Mountains and the Ozarks into a cohesive whole. She tells the story of songs that traveled from Britain to the mountains of America. Through years of oral transmission, they were influenced by the landscape and by folks from other countries who settled or passed through. The ancient ballads are fairy tales for adults with their implied warnings against jealousy, injudicious alliances, or complacency with nature. Yet they are often expressed with a lively good humor.

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